Overcome Emotional Difficulties with the Help of Our Qualified Emotion & Relationship Coach

Emotion & Relationship Coaching

Support your emotional, mental and relational wellbeing with Roh Hafez, a qualified Emotion & Relationship Coach here in Dubai. Working with clients who are facing a range of emotional challenges including depression, anxiety, trauma and relationship issues, she will help you better understand yourself and give you guidance and tools to lead a happier and more fulfilling life

About the coach

Roh has a Master Degree in Psychology with Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy (CUM LAUDE Honors). She is also EMDR trained (for trauma treatment) and is certified as a coach and an NLP practitioner. Her mission is “to support the journey of individuals, couples and families to find meaning, purpose, congruence and harmony in their personal and professional lives and relationships.”

Roh works with clients who are facing a range of challenges including but not limited to depression, anxiety, trauma and relationship issues. She also works with clients who wish to develop a better understanding of themselves and hope to enhance their personal and professional experiences to lead a more fulfilling life.

Her approach is systemic in nature and person/emotion centered in application with heavy reliance on existentialism. The premise of her work involves taking ownership of one’s own choices, working on enhancing skill and will to identify and achieve personal goals, working through internal blockades and assisting and guiding her client(s) in finding meaning in, and employing adaptive responses to challenges.

In the process of coaching; emotions, perceptions, beliefs and traumas are explored and processed in context of the person’s own unique personality as well as existing relationships and life circumstances.

Roh’s professional experience and authentic approach to working with clients enable therapeutic relationships conducive of healing and growth. Over 20 years she has worked with individuals, families and teams across different contexts to achieve balance, harmony and fulfilment.